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It has been almost 10 years since Claudia started her painting journey.

The abstract landscapes of earlier days have over time evolved into work

that is more introspective and contemplative and maybe more abstract.

The studio is a happy construction site.
Working on several pieces at a time, Claudia feels like an explorer

and loves building layers by painting and drawing, scraping back

and adding more.
In the process the artist discovers new tools and pieces of herself.
Painting feels like a passage through time and existence.
A minimalist mindset is represented in the use of reduced colour palettes.

The current investigation into gesture and layers is a reflection

of atmosphere, connection, movement, migration and freedom.

Each painting tells a story;                                  

in an attempt to find the delicate balance of what works and

what doesn’t, these may get smudged and obliterated

or covered with drippy paint.

Eventually artworks evolve in simple compositions.

Artworks are collected nationally and internationally,

many paintings have found permanent homes in

United States, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates,

Great Britain and in Europe.

View original artworks at the studio in Raglan

or visit

Kiwi Art House Gallery, Wellington;

International collectors are invited to contact curatorial teams

of online galleries

Saatchi Art (US)

or Singulart (FR)

for inquiries regarding Claudia's portfolio.

Winner of the Artist of the Year 2014 Competition by Chroma Australia.


2023/2024 Group exhibition summer showcase AAW Gallery  Raglan 

2023 Group exhibition KAH Gallery  Wellington  

2023 Group exhibition Arthouse Gallery  Auckland (Cyclone Relief fundraiser; sold out)

2022 Group Exhibition Artspost Hamilton​

2021 Group Exhibition WSG Hamilton (sold out)

2021 Group Exhibition IHUB Raglan​

​2021 Group Exhibition OSAC Raglan

2020 Group Exhibition OSAC Raglan

2019 Group Exhibition OSAC Raglan

2019 Raglan Art Group Exhibition Hamilton

2019 Group Exhibition Frankton Gallery Hamilton

2019  Group Exhibition OSAC Raglan

2019 Solo Exhibition Frankton Gallery Hamilton 

2018 Cherry Blossom Art Salon  Auckland

2018  Raglan Art group exhibition 

2017  group exhibition CQ Hotel with KAH Gallery  Wellington

2017  fundraising members exhibition OSAC  Raglan

2017  Raglan Art Group exhibitions 

2017  “coastal visions” members exhibition OSAC  Raglan

2017  NZPPA “Salon des Refuses” exhibition Sandz Gallery  Hamilton

2016  group exhibition CQ Hotel with KAH Gallery  Wellington 

2016  “Little Treasures” International group exhibition Galleria De Marchi  Bologna  

2016  International group exhibition Ateneo de Madrid 

2016  “Women Essence Project”  International group exhibition Hernandez Gallery  Milan

2015  „Little Treasures“ International group exhibition Galleria De Marchi  Bologna

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